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Maine’s Wind Power Pioneers: Established in 1987, Maine-based Endless Energy Corporation was an early believer in the enormous wind power potential of Maine and the New England region. The company remains dedicated to developing clean, sustainable wind energy through carefully planned and environmentally responsible projects that provide community economic benefits as well as further the goal of reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Learn more about our experience.

An Innovative Community Wind Farm Model: Endless Energy utilizes a community wind farm model, which has proven its success and popularity in Europe for years and is now making its way to North America. This model provides direct benefits to the local community and the region in several ways:

  • Stable, discounted, long-term electricity rates
  • Tax revenues and local jobs
  • Environmental benefits

With this new model, local electricity customers can buy a slice of the output of the wind farm for an upfront fee, receiving stable-priced and clean power for 15 years.

Seriously Green: Endless Energy’s office has been housed in a zero fossil fuel / zero emissions building in Maine. EEC headquarters has had a ground-source heat pump as well as passive solar power since 1991. The combination of windpower and heatpumps is a good one as windfarms in Maine produce twice as much power in the bitter cold month of January than in July.


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