About SCWF

Sugarloaf Community Wind Farm is a carefully planned, renewable energy project proposed by Endless Energy Corporation, a Maine-based company that has been active in the wind energy field for more than two decades. When completed, the 30 wind turbines, situated on Redington Pond Range and Black Nubble Mountain in western Maine, will provide clean, renewable energy—at a stable, reduced cost—for more than 40,000 homes throughout the Carrabassett Valley region and all around the state.


Sugarloaf Community Wind Farm Quick Facts
  • Site Location: In the working forest, halfway between the Sugarloaf and Saddleback resorts, on Redington Pond Range and Black Nubble Mountain in western Maine
  • Size: 30 wind turbines; total project footprint is equal to less than half the area of the trails on Sugarloaf Mountain alone
  • Generating Capacity: 90+ megawatts, enough to power 40,000 homes; this saves the equivalent of 50,000 gallons of oil each day
  • Community Benefits: tax revenue to the local community; long-term, stable discounted power prices for residents, businesses and schools in the Carrabassett Valley region and throughout Maine; clean, renewable alternative to foreign fossil fuels; good-paying jobs for the region during construction and beyond


Why is this project important to the local community and the people of Maine? Consider these facts:

  • Maine currently depends on nonrenewable resources for half of its electricity, and more than three quarters of Maine homes rely on fossil fuels for heating.
  • Maine’s electricity rates are among the highest in the nation.
  • The price of energy derived from fossil fuels can be very volatile.
  • Meeting energy needs with traditional fossil-fuel based generating plants will put more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.
  • Wind power is a sustainable alternative that offers Maine energy independence and clean, stable, lower-cost power.
  • The Sugarloaf Community Wind Farm project will generate enough power for 40,000 homes — more than the power generated by 98 of Maine’s roughly 100 hydroelectric dams.
  • The Sugarloaf Community Wind Farm will also provide local tax revenues to the Carrabassett Valley community as well as stable, low-cost power to people throughout Maine.


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