Frequently Asked Questions About the MCWF

What is the Manchester Community Wind Farm? The Manchester Community Wind Farm on Little Equinox Mountain in Vermont will produce clean, renewable electricity from eight modern wind turbines. The project will generate about 65 million kilowatt-hours a year, enough power to run 10,000 Vermont homes or supply all of Manchester's power.

Why build the Manchester Community Wind Farm? Wind power is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel generation. It uses local resources to reduce air pollution and global warming. It gives nearby residents the opportunity to think globally and act locally. Little Equinox Mountain is a particularly good site as it is already developed with a road, power line, and an Inn at the summit. The mountain has held wind energy projects twice before.

What would be the environmental benefits? The single largest environmental impact of the wind farm will be the huge amount of pollution prevented compared to other energy sources. Eight turbines on Equinox Mountain will prevent over 400,000 pounds of pollution per day, the same as taking 12,900 cars off the road or burning 13,000 gallons of oil a day to produce as much power.

These figures don't include "upstream" impacts such as mining, drilling, pipelines, oil spills, wars, or the transportation of fuels associated with energy production form other sources. The project is not expected to have a significant impact on wildlife or plant communities. Soils and water quality will be protected by using the best management practices for road and power line upgrades.

The 5-turbine version of this project has been endorsed by:

  • Conservation Law Foundation
  • Vermont chapter of the Sierra Club
  • Vermont Natural Resources Council
  • Vermonters for a Clean Environment

What will the wind farm look like? Endless Energy is planning on using the modern Vestas V90 wind turbine which has a generation capacity of 3MW. The wind turbines would be on 262-foot tubular tower. The 150 foot blades on each turbine will rotate at a leisurely 16rpm, meaning that there will be about four seconds for each rotation. The project would be visible in a few places around the Manchester area. Click here to see photo-simulations of the proposed project.

Will I be able to get my power from the Manchester Community Wind Farm? Yes. The Manchester Community Wind Farm could be producing power by the end of 2010. Endless Energy plans on first offering power within the communities that are closest to the wind farm. Customers would pay an up front fee in order to receive stable, low-cost power from the project for a duration of 15 years. Locals can think global and act local by using power harvested within their own community.
Please contact us if you would like more information about becoming a community wind farmer.



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