Visualizing a Wind Farm on Little Equinox Mountain

In 2006, locals in the Manchester area teamed up with the Orton Family Foundation to discuss the possibility of a wind farm in their area. With the help of Placeways, LLC, community members were able to look at a 3D visualization of the proposed project with a unique software program called CommunityViz in which viewers could "travel" through a detailed visual model of the proposed wind farm. To read more about the 3D modeling of the project click here. Since then, Endless Energy has made a few changes to the proposed wind farm. We are now planning on using 8 instead of 5 wind turbine generators. By doing so, the wind farm could produce enough electricity for all of Manchester. As we further plan the Manchester Community Wind Farm, we will try to keep community stakeholders up to date on the visibility of the project.

The following photo-simulations can give you an idea of what to expect:

View from Wilcox Dairy
Photo simulation showing wind turbines viewed from Wilcox Dairy. The closest turbine is about 2 miles away.
* Note: This simulation only shows the original plan of a 5-turbine project. Three additional turbines would also be visible on the ridge.

View from Equinox Hotel
Photo simulation showing wind turbines viewed from the Equinox Hotel and Resort. The closest turbine is about 3 miles away. Although this simulation was made to show Endless Energy's original 5-turbine plan, the view of the three additional turbines in our updated 8-turbine project would be blocked by the larger Equinox Mountain.

View from Manchester Center
Photo simulation showing wind turbines viewed from Manchester center. The closest turbine is about 2 miles away. From this view, only 3 of the 8 turbines in the wind farm would be visible.



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